Why Choosing a Silicone Sex Doll Might Be for you

2017 May 9th

Why Choosing a Silicone Sex Doll Might Be for youWhen it comes to choosing a sex doll, there are two different types: silicone and TPE. There is another blog post that wen over the perks of a TPE se … read more

Why You Should Choose a TPE Sex Doll

2017 May 8th

For some men, choosing a sex doll might be easy, it’s the idea of whether they want one or not. However, there are two different types of sex dolls out there, one of them TPE, the other one silicone … read more

How to Choose a Sex Doll

2017 May 5th

Choosing a sex doll might seem easy for some, but there are actually a few things that you should keep in mind before you begin. For one, you might wonder which type of sex doll you want to get, or … read more

How Sex Dolls Are Changing Sexual Health

2017 May 5th

For many, the idea of having a sex doll might seem like a strange thing. After all, it’s an intimate object. Does it really improve one’s sexual health? Well, it can for some people, especially in t … read more

Could a Sex Doll Help with Depression?

2017 May 5th

Depression. It affects many lives in this day and age, and it’s often one of the most major mental disorders out there. However, there is one solution that has yet to be totally explored: sex dolls. … read more