​What to consider When Looking for a Sex Doll

2017 May 26th

Now, when it comes to choosing a sex doll, it’s important that you have a few things to consider. While you’ve read about the benefits of a sex doll, there is more to it than just the basics. There are three things that you have to consider when you’re choosing a sex doll, and this article will help you. You want to have a love doll that will make you happy, so you should choose the right elements that will make it the best doll that you can have. Now, this is simple to figure out, and you’ll learn just how to do this now.


Money makes many things possible, and you have to consider this when choosing a sex doll. With sex dolls, money determines what king of quality you want, and it is a very important consideration.

Now for starters, you are going to have to shell out some cash for these. For starters, it is recommended that you have at least a grand if you’re going to go serious with these love dolls. If you’re not ready to put down that type of money, then it‘s best you consider getting a blowup doll or something else. These are an investment, so it’s very important that you consider these.

Now, typically the price of the doll is often determined by the size of the doll. If you want a bigger doll, you’re going to have to pay more. If you want a doll with massive breasts and a waist that is larger, chances are you’re going to have to pay more. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, this is a realistic factor to consider when you’re getting a doll. You want to consider that you do choose one that best fits your budget, and your needs.

If you want one that is more lifelike, chances are you’ll pay closer to about two grand for one instead of just a grand. You will want to keep that in mind, because sex dolls aren’t cheap. Now, a generic blowup doll will cost you may be less than a hundred dollars. If that is what satisfies you, get that and a pocket pussy. But these require more money for you to get the best results from.

Now, it’s not only the size, but quality of the material is also another factor, and we’ll get into that later on. We’ll talk more about why one might be more than the other, but our budget should consider these as well. Some customers want to have a specific type of look to it as well, a fully-custom sex doll. While that is great, just remember that these extra features cost money, so you should consider this.

Now, you can get extra additions too, which we’ll talk about later on with some of the material aspects of this. Now, these are all very important to remember when you’re choosing a sex doll, since these are often factors that many people don’t realize until they hear the cost of everything.


Size is the next major factor in this. Some dolls are bigger, and some dolls are smaller than the others. Some of them are quite short, almost midget-sized in a sense. Some people like to have a doll that size, since it’s easier to maneuver when it comes to moving around the doll.

If you’re looking to have a doll that’s around the size of the average woman, you’ll want to go to one around 160-165 cm. These are often the most realistic of the sex dolls out there because they are about the size of one, and often the proportions of one definitely are much more evened out.

However, you also have to consider how much you can handle as well. It’s common that many times, people will buy these sex dolls that are bigger, but then, they end up struggling to move them and have sex with them in various positions because of the size. These dolls are made with a metal skeleton, and often, they are definitely much heavier than you might think. If you’re not looking for ne that is heavy, then I suggest going a bit smaller. You don’t have to go with a mini-doll, but getting one that is more around the weight that you’re willing to use to car it definitely does help. It’s also important to remember that these dolls are essentially a giant weight, so they won’t be able to help with the weight when you carry it, so it definitely does matter in terms of what kind of size that you want, and which ones best fit your needs.

With size as well, sometimes the ones with the more proportional breasts tend to be the larger ones. Sometimes, you can get the larger ones with larger breasts as well, allowing the doll to look almost normal-sized versus if you try to get a sex doll with large breasts but a small frame. You have to remember that the concept of a doll being top-heavy can be a factor here if you’re not careful, and with these realistic love dolls, they often do need to be considered in terms of size. Size matters especially when it comes to moving around the sex doll you have.


The final factor, is material. Material for a sex doll if a factor that many people don’t take the time to consider, but it’s very important. It can determine the overall cost of the sex doll as well, so definitely keep that in mind.

With these you have two types of material. They are TPE and silicone. Both of these are great for sex dolls, and they are of the utmost quality, but there are a few key differences that you should keep in mind before you do choose a sex doll, since it’s often a major factor in this.

For starters, silicone is often the highest-quality material for sex dolls, which if you’re looking for one that will last a long time, definitely consider silicone. With silicone as well, it’s often the most realistic of these sex dolls, so you’ll be able to get something that feels real and looks real. You’ll definitely want to consider that. However, the biggest problem with silicone is it’s so much more expensive than the other alternative. Often, it can even be a 100% price increase simply because of silicone. However, these feel more real, are definitely much easier to lean after you use them, and for many, this can be a huge factor in whether or not you choose one over the other. Now, silicone isn’t necessarily better than TPE, but it’s mostly the choice of what you want in a sex doll over anything else.

Now, let’s take TPE. It’s cheaper, but that doesn’t mean that it’s of low-quality. TPE sex dolls are often still of very high quality, and they’re made with the customer in mind. However, they are often more realistic in feeling in some areas. The breasts and butts on these dolls often feel more realistic to the touch, which can be a huge factor for some that are looking for a realistic feel and not necessarily a realistic look to the doll. Not only that, flexibility is a key factor in this as well. TPE dolls are so much more flexible, to the point that you can put them in a variety of positions, and when you spread their legs, there is more stretch to it. With silicone, there is a bit of a limit, and it sits a bit more like a doll, which could affect the overall feeling of sex with these types of dolls. Of course, it’s imperative to remember that if you do get one of thee, you should make sure to clean it. TPE is much more porous than silicone, which is the biggest drawback to it. With TPE, because of the porous skin, it often means that so much more gets absorbed, and you’ll have to watch out if anything spills on these as well. If you are having sex with it, sometimes a condom is a better choice than just going bareback simple because of the cleanup. It’s much more susceptible to germs than the other.

Of course, however you want this is really based on what you want. If you want TPE, go TPE. If you want silicone, go silicone. It’s also important to remember that with silicone, and not TPE, you get the option to have heat and voice added to it. This is a major factor in terms of whether or not you want to have a certain doll or not. For some, if heat if a huge part of what they want in a doll, then definitely consider the silicone option. If not, then either or is a good choice. The voice option might be a bit strange because those tend to wear down after a while, but if it does add to the realism of it, then you should certainly consider this.

How to Pick These

When it comes to picking one over the other, at the end of the day, it’s all on you. You should take the time to write down on a piece of paper, or even in a word document, what you want out of a sex doll. Remember, this is something with your own personal touch to it, so you want to choose something that you want to possess. If there is a certain factor that you want to implement into the doll, then definitely put that down. Otherwise, you should start to focus on the fact that this doll is yours. You should be putting together the various parts of this, looking to see what you want out of it. This is what you’re paying for, and so, because of that, it’s up to you.

If you want something bigger, do take the time to assess the cost of it, because this is a huge part of it. Often, the costs of this is not really factored in, and often, this is a huge thing to remember when you are choosing whether or not you want a certain type of sex doll, or what you want out of it. You should think about what you’re going to use the doll for. Is it to help with sexual actions only, or is there a deeper meaning to this? Some people get sex dolls for different mental and physical conditions, so definitely take the time to look over this. If you’re getting this based on what a doctor recommended, you should make sure that you get something based on what they found, and something that will help you with afflictions that might be there.

Now, for a sex doll, you should definitely start saving up. Once you’ve decided what you want, you can order it once you have the money. You might not get it right away, but if you put that goal out there if you take the time to prepare for this sex doll, you’ll be much happier as a result. This is an investment, so if you take the time to buy one, doing the research that you need and finally moving forward with this, you’ll definitely have a much better result from tis once you get the doll.

Now, you should keep all of this in mind when you’re considering a sex doll. All three of these factors are very important, and it will put you in the mindset to buy a sex doll. You should certainly keep the idea of buying one at the forefront, and also making sure that you have the money for this as well. By taking the time to learn about this, doing your own research and the like, you’ll have the information that you need when it comes time to purchase, so that you’re buying the real love doll of your dreams that will make you happy.