The Skeleton of a Sex Doll

2017 May 22nd

For many people, they often don’t consider the anatomy of a sex doll, including the way the joints and such might move. However, this is very important to consider, especially if you’re going to be using your sex doll for play, and it’s important to understand just what makes up a sex doll. Fortunately, this post will tell you everything that you need to know about such, allowing you to have the best experience with your sex doll that you can possibly have. By the end of this, you’ll know how a sex doll operates, and why it is important to understand and take care of this when you are going to have fun with your sex doll, and why you should be responsible for the skeleton of the body, and not just the actual inserts as well.

The Sex Doll Skeleton

Now, let’s talk a little bit about the anatomy of a skeleton of a sex doll. For starters, the base of a sex doll actually isn’t some soft, meshy flesh, but in truth, it’s actually a metal skeleton that contains various fixed and moveable joints. These joints, attached to the skeleton, are all able to work together in order to move the doll into a various et of pose ranges. For example, you might actually feel the metal skeleton at the bottom when you do touch your sex doll, and you might be able to feel the metal joints as you continue to move it. However, there is also the element of the fact that the metal joints are able to hold the doll together, while a set of high-quality metal covers these in order to make the skin feel realistic as well. It’s why you don’t feel it when you’re touching the doll. It’s very interesting.

Now, within these joints are little holes that contain screws in them. You might actually be able to feel these in their feet, arms, and hands. These are to hold all of the joints together, and it’s best if you don’t tamper with them as such.

Now, if you do notice a slight modification to this, or even a slight feeling of these screws, don’t worry. This is often a manufacturers thing, and it’s important to make sure that you consider these are there to hold the doll in place. It’s advised not to try and do anything to these, since often, if you unscrew these, the doll will come apart. Furthermore, it requires you to tear the skin in order to get it into there, so don’t try to mess with it. It’s best to know that while there might be some slight modifications, it’s important to just acknowledge that they are there, and don’t try to mess with them. However, these very rarely show, so you shouldn’t try to get too deep into this. I doubt you want to dissect your 2000-dollar sex toy, but maybe you’re into that. For most of us, it’s best to just understand the skeleton, and from there, don’t try to mess with what the manufacturers have put together.

Moving Your Doll

One thing to consider when you’re using your sex doll is how to move it around. Some people typically think sex dolls can be thrown around and such. They can be to a degree, but in many cases, that isn’t what you should be doing. You should be very careful when you’re moving the doll around, since initially, it can be heavy because of the fact that the doll has a metal skeleton. You might be surprised at how big the doll I when you get it, but also because of how heavy it might be. Sometimes, these dolls are often misjudged in terms of how heavy they are, so it’s important that care is considered when moving the doll around.

You should be careful with the doll, since dropping it might cause some of the joints to pop out, and knocking it against hard surfaces can hurt the metal skeleton. You should make sure that you keep this in mind, because often, a person’s strength is much more than these dolls, and they tend to misjudge the effort necessary for this, so do take your time to understand what the doll feels like, and from there, know that this is slightly fragile, so don’t take your strength out on it either.

Now, when it comes to sharp objects, keep it away from the skin. First of all, it can tear it, which you won’t be able to put back together, and along with that, it can cause the metal joints to become exposed, which in turn might end up hurting the underlying joints and such underneath it. Plus, it looks unsightly to have all of that there, so if you’re looking to keep this doll around for a long time, do take precaution and keep it away from sharp objects.

When it comes to the limbs, you need to be careful with stretching them. Typically, if you do stretch it slightly during sex, use the renewal powder in order to get it back to its rightful form. However, if you don’t do this, this might cause the skin to tear as well, which can damage the skeleton, and that isn’t what you should be going for. Plus, stretching it out and make the doll’s arms look uneven, which in turn might look unsightly to a few people, so do try to avoid stretching it.

The same goes for force. Remember that this is a doll, it can’t handle extreme force. In some cases, this ca actually crush the metal skeleton, which in turn will make the doll look less lively, and it can hurt the overall appearance of it. It can also damage the skeleton to the point where joins might fall apart and overall, it doesn’t look right. You should consider that the damage will reduce the quality of it as you go along, and it will make the doll look dirtier, and it will also lower the lifespan of the doll, which in turn will cause it to either be thrown away or replaced sooner rather than later. Sure, they’re built to be durable, but you should make sure that you don’t think it can just take every single hit, because while it is a toy, it is a very expensive toy and should be used with caution.

Finally, when it comes to positions, you will notice that it comes in an upright position. That’s because it’s how it’s made, and you should consider that as well when you’re using the doll. Tons of people have this idea that they should keep the doll in a bent position, but that actually will cause problems later on. It can deform the skeleton and damage it, which might cause it to fall apart. It’s fine if you want to bend it for sex, but it’s best to make sure that you do alternate the positions and make sure that they’re not kept in one for too long. Keeping her standing upright actually can deform the skeleton as well, since often, fi you do that, and then try to move it once again, it might cause the limbs and joints to tea, reducing the quality of the doll.

You should make sure that you alternate the position, avoiding bending as you can. There are some suspension kits that you can buy in order to keep a safer storage for your love doll, but you should definitely also consider the fact that if you don’t want to spend that money, you should try making sure that you move it around as much as you can, for it will increase the life of the doll.

Using your doll responsibly

Finally, now that you know about the movements and such of the doll, it’s important to make sure that you use the doll in a responsible manner. In order to extend the life of it, it’s important that you keep his in mind, because the spread of germs and such isn’t fun, and like any other sex toy out there, you want to make sure that this one is taken care of in a smart manner as well.

The first, is you shouldn’t share your sex doll with anyone. This is your toy, your own personal pleasuring device, and if anyone else wants one, they should get their own. It’s gross to share sex toys, and a sex doll isn’t an exception. Not only that, if you share a sex doll with anyone, even before cleaning it, there might be a chance of spreading a disease. If you got a sex doll due to the fact that you don’t want to spread a disease, sharing it with someone would defeat the purpose, because it will cause the disease to be given to others, and it definitely will not make it fun.

Now, if you don’t feel like cleaning up, and you’re okay with doing so, you will want to use a condom. You should make sure that you have it lubed up beforehand in order to prevent any tearing or chafing, but using a condom instead of doing it bare will allow you to have easier and faster cleanup, so if you’re not the kind that likes cleaning consider this. Not only that, it also does cause the growth of bacteria to be prevented. When you are going into the doll in a bare manner, there is a chance that the growth can happen, and that can get really gross. Obviously, the solution to this is to clean it, which is what you should be doing anyways, but if you want to make the cleanup way less and easier on you, you should make sure that you use one in order to make this simpler for you.

When you’re having ex with the doll, always lubricate. You should always ensure that you’re lubricating yourself before entering a doll. For starters, this will prevent the doll form chafing you and making it harder on you, but along with that, it also will prevent the doll from earing. Going in unlubed will cause the skin to tear, making it much harder for the doll to stay in place. You can use the renewal powder in order to rectify this, but often, the fact that it might even be possible is enough of a reason to use it. You shouldn’t use a silicone one, since it can make it a bit harder to clean up, but rather, use a water-based one, since it will be simpler, and often the cleanup on this is nothing.

Being responsible for your sex doll will allow the doll to last a lot longer. Many people have had their sex dolls for years simply because of the fact that they took care of it, and this is no exception. If you take your time and are responsible for cleaning up the sex doll, it will make your life so much simpler, and it will allow the doll to last a whole lot longer as well.

The skeleton is what holds the body together in all creatures, and for sex dolls, it des the same thin. Remember, these sex dolls are made with very intricate parts, and it’s important that you as a user do take the time to understand this, and from there, ensure that the doll is taken care of. You should work to make sure that the doll is definitely worked on, maintained, and overall looks good, and by being smart and taking care of the sex doll in a rightful manner, you’ll be able to definitely have it around for so much longer.

Keeping up the hygiene of the doll is one thing, but being smart and realizing that a silicone sex doll is fragile to a degree and not something you can just swing around will make keeping it around for longer so much more possible.