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Demi features head 168, 168cm DD-cup body, Natural skin, Long BLack Hair and other pre-selected options.
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Age: 20
Birthplace: LA, California
Height: 5ft 6.5in (168cm)
Weight: 68 lbs (30kg)
Measurements: DD (32"/80cm), Waist: 19"  (48cm), Hip: 30" (78cm)


Demi works as a nightclub hostess at an expensive nightclub tailored to high net worth clients.  She gets to meet a lot of interesting people.  Most of the time she talks with the guys (since its mostly men), flirt with them, and flatter them.  Most guys are respectful, there is little aggressive sexually behavior.  Depending on the customer, Demi might provide extra "services" if she has a connection with the customer, but for the most part she doesn't.  The question is do you have that special connection with Demi.  Do you want to find out?


Demi likes to ball room dance, and is a very good ballroom dancer.  She doesn't do much of it at the nightclub, but joins a group twice a week.  The guys in the group love to dance with her.  They love to see her large firm DD breast on the Full Size Sex Doll frame of hers. Her small waist just accentuates her cleavage. Men look at those long shapely legs, and would love to feel their grip as they make love to her.

Best Attributes

What guys love about Demi is her height. Having sex with a fullsize sexdoll is very realistic, because the dimensions are like that of a real woman.  Secondly her delicate and fine features make here very irresistible to most men, it is like having sex with a perfect 10.

  • Clothing, jewelry, and accessories featured in the pictures are for photo shoot purposes only and not included.
  • The color settings on monitors vary, so your view screen might actually differ slightly from actual color.  


  • Realistic Soft TPE Skin 
  • Oral: 4.7" deep (12cm), Vaginal: 6.9" (17.5cm), Anal: 6.1" (15.5cm)
  • Metallic Skeleton
  • Free Outfit and Lingerie
  • Free Discreet Shipping