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Age: 21 | Birthplace: Sydney, Australia
Current Location: Sydney, Australia
Height: 5ft 5in (165cm) | Weight:77lbs (35kg)
Measurements: E 36" 90cm, Waist: 21"  (54cm), Hip: 36" (90cm)

Profile Veronica works at the front desk at a high end hotel. Most of the time the job is the same boring stuff.  You check the guest in, take their credit card and swipe it, and exchange pleasantries.  On occasion, when a male guest flirts with her, she just smiles.  But if the guy is really hot, she will respond in kind. Who can resist a Sex Doll with Big Boobs.  Her friends the front desk, have taken pictures of guys gazing downward at her large E cup breasts, they have a tally and its well over a hundred.  She keeps here blouse unbuttoned to attract their gaze. Her legs are also very fine, and she has gotten complemented by both the female and male guest on how shapely her legs are..

Hobbies When she isn't at the front desk, Veronica loves to use the Hotel gym to keep that body in shape.  She wears a very tight sports bra and hot pants, leaving her toned midriff exposed. She loves warming up, showing off her tight bubble ass to the guys in the gym.  She takes to the treadmill with a brisk jog, as she jogs, her large E cup breasts bounce up and down, they are a magnificent sight to behold.  Then she hits the weight machine to work out her arms, legs and chest.  Guys automatically appear out of nowhere when she does bench presses to spot her.

Veronica's Best Attributes Veronica best attributes is her soft velvety skin and large E cup breasts.

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Height (Weight)
Bust Waist Hip
5'5" 165cm (77lbs 35kg)
E 36" 90cm 21" 54cm 36" 90cm
5'2" 158cm (77lbs 35kg) E 33" 84cm
21" 54cm
34" 86cm
4'8" 140cm (55lbs 25kg) C 29" 72cm  
20" 23cm
29" 72cm
4'6" 135cm (55lbs 25kg) C 29" 72cm    20" 23cm 29" 72cm



  • Lifelike Soft TPE Skin 
  • Oral: 4.7" deep (12cm), Vaginal: 6.9" (17.5cm), Anal: 6.1" (15.5cm)
  • Metallic Skeleton
  • Free Discreet Shipping 
  • Free Lingerie and Outfit
  • Free Clean Device and Medical Gloves
  • Free USB Heating Stick