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Age: 19 | Birthplace: Aberdeen. Scotland
Current Location: Aberdeen, Scotland
Height: 5ft 5in (165cm) | Weight: 77lbs(35kg)
Measurements: Bust E(36"/90cm),Waist: 21"(54cm), Hip: 36"(90cm)

Profile: Scarlett is the child of a mixed marriage, her mother is Chinese, and her father is Scottish.  Her parents run a chippie (Fish and Chip Shop), selling all sorts of battered and deep fried goods, ranging from the usual - fried fish, fried shrimp, fried mussels and oysters and Scotland's more exotic fare like fried haggis and fried mars bars. They pretty much fry anything. Customers and bring in piazza and hamburgers and they will deep fry it for you.  Scarlett is born deaf, and as a result often has to resort to lip reading, so her parents, when they need her to help out at the shop during school holiday's, put her in the kitchen.  its too bad, because a lot of the guys want to see her work the front counter.  Who would want Scarlett to work the front counter with her Busty Love Doll Body of hers.  Those large E Cup breasts of her accentuated by her tight t-shirt, and that lovely f for, round ass.  Guys communicate most likely by crude sign language to get her attention, pointing to her an making humping gestures, air kisses. It disgust her and turns her on at the same time.

Sometimes she take a trip to Glasgow with her friends to do some shopping to a break from work and school, the photos are a picture of her in a hotel room trying out her new corsets and underwear she bought.

Hobbies:  During her free time she likes to do water painting.  it gives here outlet to express herself, sometimes writing can't convey the same emotions as a drawing or a picture. Her favorite subject is drawing images of people, especially naked people.  She has done a couple of portraits of herself in the nude, and sold them at the local flea market.  They were quite popular among people who usually don't buy paintings, horny 18 year olds.

Best Attributes: Scarlett's best attributes would be her large E cup breasts. Our customer squeeze them all day.   This Busty Love Doll is truly a sight to behold.

Why should you get Scarlett? She is the perfect doll for people who want a Full Sized Fuck Doll, who want to feel the curves of a full sized doll when they are having sex.  It helps build up strength and good technique when having sex with a larger doll, which is something you won't get with a smaller doll.  You can also practice more standing positions with a taller doll.  However, she also comes in smaller sizes for individuals who want a lighter doll

  • Clothing, jewelry, and accessories featured in the pictures are for photo shoot purposes only and not included.
  • The color settings on monitors vary, so your view screen might actually differ slightly from actual color. 



Height (Weight)
Bust Waist Hip
5'5" 165cm (77lbs 35kg)
E 36" 90cm 21" 54cm 36" 90cm
5'2" 158cm (77lbs 35kg) E 33" 84cm
21" 54cm
34" 86cm
4'8" 140cm (55lbs 25kg) C 29" 72cm  
20" 23cm
29" 72cm
4'6" 135cm (55lbs 25kg) C 29" 72cm    20" 23cm 29" 72cm



  • Lifelike Soft TPE Skin 
  • Oral: 4.7" deep (12cm), Vaginal: 6.9" (17.5cm), Anal: 6.1" (15.5cm)
  • Metallic Skeleton
  • Free Discreet Shipping 
  • Free Lingerie
  • Free Clean Device and Medical Gloves
  • Free USB Heating Stick