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Jellynew 162cm Head 3 Long Brown Hair
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Many want the dream of having a silicone sex doll for themselves to indulge in. Well, Wanda is right here, and she's ready to have lots of fun.

Alluring and Talented

Wanda is a woman of many traits, but some say that her talent in the bedroom rivals above all others. This lifesize silicone sex doll is perfect for those that want the real thing, especially a woman like her. She's got beautiful brown eyes, that look smoky around the edges, and she's also got a beautiful head of brown hair that cascades down like a gorgeous waterfall. She's perfect to look at, and she certainly does have the alluring nature that many look for in a woman.

Curves For Days

Her curves are something to enjoy as well. This doll comes with beautiful pale skin that is both soft and silky, and often, with the TPE skin, she feels realistic to the touch. She's also got a beautiful set of D-cup breasts, that when combined with her small hips looks utterly perfect.  She's got a great hourglass figure, and with pink nipples, she certainly has the perfect body if you want a curvier woman.

This woman can take it deep without any problems. with the ribbed and lifelike texture of her vagina, it will feel amazing when you penetrate her.  You'll feel it all over, and with her rapturous curves, combined with her mysterious beauty, she's the perfect doll for anyone who wants a mysterious and sexy woman.

Wana is ready to satisfy your desires, and with her realistic skin, her lovely curves, and her beatufiful face, she's the doll that many dream of, and the fact that she's lifelike makes it even better.