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Jellynew 162cm Head 2 Long Brown Hair
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  Edith is the perfect girl-next-door for anyone looking to indulge in fun and fantasy-fulfilling lifelike adult dolls. Edith seems kind of plain at the onset, but this busty and beautiful brunette is certainly a fun-loving and go-getting woman.

An Adventurer at Heart

Edith has always had a penchant for adventure, going out and checking out the world, exploring new places, and even seeing new sights.  You’ll certainly love the way her eyes seem to almost convey that when you look at her.  along with that though, she loves to explore new activities in the bedroom, and since she’s so pliant and willing to try new things, this is one of the best life-size silicone sex dolls for anyone willing to ty out and experiment new things.  Her brown eyes are gorgeous in the light, and her soft pink lips are perfect for just about any exploration activity.

Exploring Her Curves

Edith wants you to explore every inch of her body, and being a TPE -made sex doll, she certainly has skin worth exploring. Her realistic textured skin and body feels amazing to the touch, but not only that, when you touch her D-cup breasts, you’re in for a treat. They feel so lifelike you won’t want to stop touching them, and she will enjoy every touch and caress you bestow upon her.

Of course, her body feels amazing in other areas as well. Her ribbed and tight vagina feels perfect against anyone’s member, and with the comfort and tightness that resembles the real thing, this sex doll is perfect for anyone who desires this.  You won’t feel alone when you explore the area between her legs, and in truth, you’ll certainly love the nature of this as well. With everything that you get from her, this is certainly something that you’ll want to indulge in again and again. Edith is the adventurer you’ve always wanted, and she’s ready to explore everything with you.