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A41 HEAD 160CM 1
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If you’ve ever wanted to do fitness with one of the hottest xxx toys out there then look no further. Geneva is her name, but don’t let the fancy nature of it fool you. this workout-loving cutie is ready to get you in shape, using her body every which way.

A body worth Exercise

Her body is perfect for any type of exercise you might have in mind. With short, brown hair that she keeps in a bob, beautiful brown eyes that look at you in the most alluring of ways, and peach lips that are perfect for kissing both you, and your penis, she’s perfect for any sorts of wicked fantasies that you’ve had.  Her eyes will look at you, begging for more as you pleasure her body and your own all night long.

Muscles and Curves

Of course, while other silicone sex dolls might end up having large breasts and small waists, this silicone sex doll comes with smaller breasts, a larger hip area and a small waist, allowing you to have lots of fun grabbing her ass all night long.  She still has some cute C-cup breasts, which are made with TPE and feel great to the touch, and not only that, since she is a fan of working out, she can put all of the workout information she’s learned to the test with you in the bedroom. Simply put, this doll will get you in shape, and she’ll allow you to fulfill your every fantasy as well.

If you’re looking for a hot workout cutie to pleasure your every fantasy, then look no further. Geneva is the way to go, and you certainly won’t regret anything that you do with her, whatever it is that you so desire from this beautiful woman.