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A10 HEAD 160CM 2
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If you’ve ever wanted a tight and fun workout cutie, then Gia is the one for you.  if you’ve ever had a fantasy with a hot yoga instructor, or even just a flexible and fun cute woman, then Gia is ready for action.

Flexible and Arousing

Gia is a very realistic sex doll. You’ll notice from the moment you have some fun with her, that she’s perfect for any position, no matter how weird it might be. She can bend into positions most normal people cannot, allowing for a deep, and fulfilling penetration. Her vagina is also made with a ribbed material, allowing even more comfort as you thrust into her tight holes.  Her butt is thick and plump, and with a realistic texture, she definitely feels great to the touch.

This silicone sex doll is more than just a banging body of course for she not only does her job of being the flexible femme fatale well, but she also looks great doing it.  this doll has short red hair, which you can thread your hands through.  She also has cute eyes, and a small pair of lips.  She has some nice curves, but of course, she’s not super busty. However, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t’ have anything. With some cute C-cups, her breasts are perfect for anyone who likes to have a handful of fun.

Of course, her butt is big and thick, allowing for lots of touching and grasping. It’s the perfect butt to grab, and since she’s a yoga instructor, she definitely can move her legs and body in whatever shape you see fit.

Fitness Fantasy

If you’ve ever had a fantasy about wanting to have sex with a super hot fitness instructor, then let Gia satisfy your fantasies. She knows exactly how to do it, and she’ll leave you satisfied and happier than ever.