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Jellynew 158cm Head 18
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Delores is a girl that is both mysterious, but also stunning to behold.  She’s got long, silver hair, which is quite different from other girls, but it frames her face.  For those looking for a woman who’s both mysterious, but also has the anime-style to her, she’s definitely a strong contender.  This girl is very photogenic, and she definitely is a beautiful sex doll that is waiting for you.

She’s a very sultry beauty, and not only does she have long, gorgeous hair, she’s also got a lithe, curvy body that’s intoxicating to behold.  She’s got curves for days, along with large breasts that are so much fun to touch you won’t want to stop.  Not only that, her pussy is beautiful as well, making her a stunning beauty. She’s a sultry lass that’s ready to beat it all for you, and you can certainly enjoy her lovely, curvy body that is perfect for the touch.

She’s a bit shy at first, but once you start to get her to open up, she is ready and willing to bear it all for you, and she’s a fun girl that’s ready to be yours.  You certainly won’t want to miss out on this gorgeous and mysterious beauty, that’s for sure.