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Jellynew 158cm Head 1 Long Wavy Black Hair
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This silver-harried goddess is ready for you, and not only that, she is definitely the premier type if you want something elegant, and wild. Daniela is a great sex doll for those that want something a bit different, and not only that, she also has a fun, free spirit and personality, allowing you to have lots of fun with whatever you do.

Mysterious, and Yet So Sexy

Daniela is a woman that has a bit of an attitude, which is fun for those that like to be a bit bolder in the bedroom. Of course, her lovely curves and the texture of her skin makes her a fun TPE sex doll for those that are looking to have a different sort of experience. This silver-haired woman comes with dark, mysterious eyes that seem to clutch deep into your soul, a thin set of pale pink lips, and pale skin that is just delicious to the touch.

But of course, not only does she have a gorgeous, lithe face, but her curves are enticing and excellent as well. She’s got large, L cup breasts that are perfect for those that want something much bigger than your average woman, and not only that, she’s got smooth, silky legs that are just tantalizing to touch.  Her wide hips are perfect for grabbing onto if you’re a bit wilder and like to have a bit more cushion, and not only that, her backside is full and supple, allowing not only fun and deep vaginal sex, but also anal sex as well. You can pleasure all of her holes, and she’s definitely the right sort of woman for any man looking to have an elegant, and yet very sassy woman.  Often, that’s the perfect type for many, making Daniela a fun and carefree doll to fulfill your needs.