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Nadia works as a masseuse in a upscale massage parlor.  Her clients include both men and women.  She got into this business, because her mother used to require daily massages.  Why did her mother require daily massages?  Because like Nadia, her mother had very large breasts, and had chronic back problems.  However, because her mother worked as a part time stripper she couldn't get breast reduction, that would ruin her "career".  Nadia doesn't have back problems, because her mother seeing that Nadia already was a C cup when she was still in elementary school forced Nadia to weight lifting to strength her back muscles.  The weight lifting helped her develop other muscles and she though masseuse was a good line of work.

Nadia is a very popular masseuse for both sexes.  The woman like that she is a sweet and very friendly, and is a great masseuse. The guys love to see that Busty Love Doll body of hers.  She usually wears tight pants and t-shirt to work.. Almost all the guys get a hardon when she massages them, both young and old. They love to watch her large K Cup breasts and that Busty Lovedoll ass of hers as she massages them.  While doesn't do happy endings at work, she is happy to perform them and other services if clients pay her to do a private massage at their home.

At her home they can experience that Busty Lovedoll body of hers in all the full glory.  They can smother themselves in those large K cup breasts, touch that smooth silky TPE skin and gaze at that tight ass of hers.  When they are ready they can insert their manhood in the tight ribbed and dotted vagina of hers and thrust it in and out until they climax. She is also willing to do anal, and that tight ass of hers will make any man explode 

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  • 5ft 2in (158cm), 66lbs (31kg)
  • Realistic Soft TPE Skin
  • Bust: K (43"/110cm), Waist: 21"  (53cm), Hip: 30" (77cm)
  • Oral: 4.7" deep (12cm), Vaginal: 6.9" (17.5cm), Anal: 6.1" (15.5cm)
  • Metallic Skeleton
  • Free Discreet Shipping
  • Free Lingerie
  • Free Clean Device and Medical Gloves
  • Free USB Heating Stick