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Jellynew Economy 158cm Head 1
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Adelina is a vixen, and if you’ve ever wanted a very kinky and almost domineering-looking woman, then this is the perfect lifelike sex doll for you.

Exotic and Alluring

One great perk about Adelina is that she is exotic. Her angular face, exotic skin texture, and even the way she looks at you screams beauty. She’s got blonde hair that’s cropped short, giving her face a very angular sort of look. Her blue eyes seem to almost hypnotize you as you look at her, and her silky, curvy body makes her almost dreamlike to the touch.  This silicone sex doll will be the perfect woman for anyone looking to have a different and fun sort of time with a gorgeous woman.

Kinky in Bed

One great thing about Adelina as well, is that she’s very flexible, and her curves and long legs make her look like a vixen. She loves to wear latex and leather, and she’s totally fine with being the one on bottom, being satisfied by your every desire.  Her soft, D cup breasts are fun to play and fondle, but her key feature is her silky, soft backside. Her ass is plump, and the realistic texture of this doll makes it even more fulfilling to the touch as well. You’ll be able to slip right in as soon as you have her, and not only that, her holes feel lifelike, and perfect to the touch.  She’s a woman ready to pleasure you in all sorts of manners, and she’s definitely the kind of girl that many wish they could have.

If you’re looking for a different kind of woman, then Adelina is the perfect one for you. she’s fun, sexy, and not only that, she’s also ready to try many new things. If you want a kinky vixen, then she’s the one.