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    • Busty DD Cup blonde love doll wearing a white singlet
    • Close up of Tiffany and her DD Breasts. Her bra is struggle to contain them
    • Black and White
    • Tiffany has finally set her D Cup babies free.
    • Side view of Blonde TPE Sex Doll Tiffany
    • Complete body shot of Tiffany sit on a corner table top
    • Tiffany lying on the desk
    • Tanned love doll Tiffany lifting her shirt and show her D Cup Bra
    • Full shot of tiffany leaning against the whole
    • Tiffany staring at the window
    • Image 11
    • Hot Love Doll Tiffany showing her massive cleavage
    • Tiffany slouching against the wall, just wearing a shiny bra
    • Busty sex doll tiffany stares at you wearing a white tank top/
    • Tiffany blonde love doll showing her amazing body again
    • Top shot of Tiffany
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    • Tiffany, the blonde Fuck doll in her tight singlet
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    • Tiffany exposing one of her DD Sex Doll Breasts
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    US$ 1,600.00





    Tiffany is nineteen years old and works as a trainee Baker at the local bakery.  She likes teasing the guys when they walk in, and ask for some buns, she ask them "Which one's?" as she gently smacks her firm bubble butt.  Of course the guys get all turned on by this, who wouldn't, when a Blond Love Doll goddess like Tiffany, the ultimate of Blond Love Dolls is flirting with you.  Dudes and even some gals, can't but stop admiring Tiffany's 145cm Realistic Love Doll body, and her silky smooth sun touched TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer skin.  After work she likes nothing more than to get back to her apartment, and take a long hot shower to get all flour, sugar and butter off of that lovely toned tight body of hers.  First she washes her long blonde hair, then works here way down to her neck, giving herself a much deserved massage.  She slowly works her way down to rub and clean her firm D-Cup breasts, the water trickles down as she caresses them, her nipples get hard l  After lingering around her tight abs, she finally works her way down to her vagina and butt hole.  Here she takes her 7" Dildo that she keeps around the shower, and slowly inserts the large dildo in her 7" Vagina, methodically pushing in and out of sexual hole, while rubbing her clit.  If that isn't enough, she also sticks the Dildo in her butt and thrust it in and out.  She does this for a good twenty minutes, until she climaxes.

    However, for Tiffany, despite the pleasure she gets from her toys, nothing beats the cock of a real man. She desires your touch, your hands holding her tiny 22" inch waist as you thrust your dick into her tight pussy, and then pull out.  Her bendable metallic skeleton enables her to assume any position you can imagine from missionary to doggie. What is stopping you from taking Tiffany home, the ultimate in Blonde Love Dolls

    • Clothing, jewelry, and accessories featured in the pictures are for photo shoot purposes only and not included.
    • The color settings on monitors vary, so your view screen might actually differ slightly from actual color.      



    Height (Weight)
    Bust Waist Hip
    4'7" 140cm (55lbs 25kg) B 28" 72cm 20" 52cm 33" 83cm
    4'9" 145cm (60lbs 27kg)
    C 31" 80cm 20" 52cm  33" 82cm
    4'10" 148cm (66lbs 30kg)
    D 32" 80cm 22" 56cm 34.5" 88cm
    5'1" 156cm (66lbs 30kg) F 33" 83cm 16" 41cm 30.5" 77cm
    5'1" 156cm (66lbs 30kg) A 29" 74cm
    22" 56cm
    35" 88cm
    5'4" 162cm (77lbs 35kg) F 36" 91cm 24" 60cm 34" 84cm



    • Realistic Soft TPE Skin
    • Oral: 4.7" deep (12cm), Vaginal: 6.9" (17.5cm), Anal: 6.1" (15.5cm)
    • Metallic Skeleton
    • Free Lingerie and Outfit
    • Free Discreet Shipping               

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