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Vera features head #114,145cm C-cup body, Tanned skin, Long Wazy Brown Hair and other pre-selected options
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Sex on the Beach with the Vera Sex Doll
Place of Birth:
Miami, Florida

Height and Weight: 4ft and 10in (145 cm), 59lbs (30kg)
B (31in/80cm, Waist:20in(52cm), Hip: 32in(82cm)

Profile: Vera is a girl who loves the sun and the sand. She likes wearing tight bikinis and showing off her petite, trimmed, and toned bod. She works part-time as a lifeguard. This Tpe Fuckdoll has the guys lining up and begging for some mouth-to-mouth.

Likes: Swimming, Surfing, Working out at the Gym, Sex on the Beach Dislikes: Assholes (but she does like her own!)

What does she offer sexually? You’ll be glad to know that this beach babe’s perky breasts are made of squeezable material. Compared to sex dolls made from other materials, the Tpe Dolls provide the most realistic experience. Vera’s soft skin feels real to the touch. You’ll see it for yourself when you rub sunscreen on her firm, sun-kissed breasts.

There’s nothing worse than having sex with a cold, stiff prude of a lady. But everything about Vera is fun and warm and welcoming. A Tpe fuckdoll is able to retain warmth. This way, when you hold Vera against your body, she also feels warmer and thus, more responsive. Whether dry or wet, TPE skin creates a lifelike appearance. This ensures that every experience, from water foreplay to aquatic sex (which Vera loves), feels as authentic as possible. All of Vera’s features, from her face to her lady bits have been designed to provide you with visual and tactile stimulation that’s as realistic as possible.

Because she’s made of TPE, Vera can be as flexible as you want her to be. As a small sex doll, she’s compact and lightweight. This means you can explore all types of sex positions with her. Vera loves men who are just as adventurous as she is!

Another advantage of Tpe dolls is that they’re moldable, allowing great ergonomic fit. This means you can slip comfortably into any of Vera’s hot, hot holes. Once you stick it in, you’ll notice that the special ribbed and dotted insert makes all the difference! Vera just loves giving BJs. You’ll find that compared to her silicone friends, Vera’s mouth is stretchier and yields a fantastic suction effect. Her anal entry point is also designed to provide a snug fit

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  • The color settings on monitors vary, so your view screen might actually differ slightly from actual color. 



  • Soft TPE Skin 
  • Metallic Skeleton
  • Free Outfit and Lingerie
  • Free Discreet International Shipping 



Height (Weight)
Bust Waist Hip
4'9" 145cm (60lbs 27kg)
C 31" 80cm 20" 52cm  33" 82cm
5'1" 156cm (66lbs 30kg) D 33" 83cm 16" 41cm 30.5" 77cm
5'2" 159cm (80lbs 36kg) E 36" 90cm 23" 59cm 38" 97cm
5'1" 156cm (66lbs 30kg) A 29" 74cm
22" 56cm
35" 88cm
5'4" 162cm (77lbs 35kg) F 36" 91cm 24" 60cm 34" 84cm
5'5" 165cm (68lbs 30kg) DD 31" 77cm 21" 53cm 30" 77cm