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A26 HEAD 145CM -2
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Yasmin Sex Doll: The Mile High Mistress
Place of Birth: Seoul, Korea Age: 24

Profile: Yasmin is a flight attendant. Once she’s in her sexy stewardess’s outfit, all the guys (and even the women) couldn’t help but stare. They’re all intrigued by Yasmin’s gorgeous facial features, thanks to her half-Korean roots. She’s lively, smart, confident, and stylish. And she’s looking for a lover who can fulfill her insatiable desires. You just might be that guy. Because of Yasmin’s warm and friendly personality, everyone wants to hang around her. Speaking of warmth, this Small lovedoll comes with premium sound and heating options. With the use of the advanced HIT system, her body will respond to your touch with its own warmth.

Hobbies: Yasmin enjoys doing things that most successful and independent Small lovedolls like to do. These include clubbing, shopping, and travelling.

Favorite Part of Her Body: Yasmin isn’t ashamed to admit that her most favorite body part is her pussy. The thing about Small lovedolls made of premium silicone is that they have the most lifelike vaginas and anuses. Yasmin would often stand in front of a mirror to take a peek between her thighs and just admire herself. She can’t wait to show you the amazing stuff she’s got going between her legs!

Kinkiest Experience: The fact that she’s always in transit doesn’t stop this sexy little minx from having a satisfying sex life. Yasmin is no stranger to getting it on with passengers mid-air. Being a Smalllovedoll gives this sex-crazed stewardess an advantage because she can easily fit inside small spaces (like the plane’s lavatory). It’s also easy for her to have sex in almost all types of positions, including upright fucking.

Even so, her kinkiest experience was when she had sex with a pilot in the cockpit while they were thousands of feet in the air. Just when the lucky guy was about to climax, Yasmin got down on her knees and let him cum in her mouth. The poor dude almost lost his mind! Why shouldn’t he? Yasmin’s sweet little mouth provides amazing suction. Because she’s made of non-porous silicone, it’s alright for you to cum on whichever part of her body you like! In fact, Yasmin loves it when men couldn’t help but spill their jizz all over her pretty face.

  • Clothing, jewelry, and accessories featured in the pictures are for photo shoot purposes only and not included.
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Height (Weight)
Bust Waist Hip
4'9"145cm (55lbs 25kg) DD 27" 75cm 21" 53cm 29" 72cm
4'11"150cm (64lbs 29kg) DD 29" 79cm 18" 47cm 30" 73cm
5'3"160cm (68lbs 31kg)
DD 35" 90cm 25" 63cm 35" 88cm
5'7"170cm (110Lbs 50kg) F 42" 108cm
31" 79cm
42" 106cm



  • Lifelike medical Grade Platinum Silicone
  • Oral: 4.7" deep (12cm), Vaginal: 6.9" (18 cm), Anal: 6.7" (17.5cm)
  • Metallic Skeleton
  • Free Lingerie and Outfit
  • Free Discreet Shipping 
  • Sound and Heating Option Available