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Patty features head #56,145cm C-cup body, Natural skin, Long Wavy Brown Hair and other pre-selected options.
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Patty is 19 years old, and was born in the Irish Republic in the city of Cork. She is currently in Adelaide, Australia working as a barmaid in a Irish pub. The pay is OK, and the tips are pretty good.  As for the customers, you get the usual riff-raft, Australians complaining about the beer being warm. But the owner is very lucky to have Patty working the counter, as her charming Irish accent and that smoking hot Realistic Sexdoll body of hers can pretty much stop any fight. Guy are transfixed by her perky B cup breasts overflowing from tight blouse, her smooth flawless skin and her tight bubble bum, that they immediately quiet down  When she isn't working, she likes to go cycling, she can ride for hours at a stretch, easily closing 150 kilometers a day.  Its a great workout, and helps keep her ass nice and firm, and her abs nice and toned.  Men can't resist staring at her body in her aerodynamic cycling clothes that accentuates that smoking hot Realistic Sex Doll body of hers.

After a hard day of cycling, Patty likes nothing more than a nice warm bubble bath.  She does a through job, cleaning every nook and orifice.  She cleans her tight pussy and asshole. She loves playing with her nipples and her firm B cup breasts, she loves rubbing her toned 20 inch waist with soap, she gets great kick seeing how toned her abs are. She does all this, while taping it with her webcam. She loves sending it to her male friends back in Ireland, to show them what they missing. She truly is a cock tease.

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  Height (Weight)
Bust Waist Hip
  4'10" 145cm (66lbs 30kg)
B 32" 80cm 21" 52cm 34" 83cm
  5'1' 155cm (66lbs 30 kg) A 29" 74cm 16" 41cm 30" 77cm
  5'4" 162cm (80lbs 36kg) EE 36" 91cm
24" 60cm
33" 84cm



  • Soft TPE Skin 
  • Oral: 4.7in deep (12cm), Vaginal: 6.9in (17.5cm), Anal: 6.1in (15.5cm)
  • Metallic Skeleton
  • Free Discreet International Shipping