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    • Busty Blonde Sex Doll facing forward, gazing the the camera
    • A back shot of June, our Busty Blond Realistic Love Doll.
    • June, this time as a brunette, on a fours.  Our tpe sex dolls can pretty assume any position.  Let your imaginations run wild.
    • June, real TPE sex doll in a dark purple polka dot bra.
    • Bottom half of June's body.  Showing her nice firm legs.
    • Back shot of June, showing her in a tight thong.
    • TPE Sex doll facing forward, showing her large DD cup breasts
    • Top shot of June
    • June is showing her large DD breasts.  Excellent.
    • June, the TPE Sex Doll sitting and showing those large E Cup Breasts.
    • Small sex doll June looking at her self in the mirror
    • Busty Sed Doll and her firm breasts.
    • June, Small Real Sex Doll touching herself.
    • Closeup of June touching herself
    • June, the TPE Sex Doll with a toned body about take off her knickers
    • June, Realistic Small Sex Doll gazing upward
    • June taking off her underwear.
    • June,, the Sex Doll, touching herself again
    • June, real sex doll, wearing checkered bra and skirt with backpack
    • June, the busty Sexdoll sitting  down, showing those perfect E Cup breasts.
    • Close up of a TPE Sex Doll's perfect body
    • Headshot o June the TPE Sex Doll
    • Showing the bottom half of June. In white garters and highheels
    • Close up of a TPE Sex Doll's perfect body. Excellent shot
    • Full shot of June, the blonde real sex doll bimbo.  Her blonde hair flows effortless across her smooth skin and tight body.


    US$ 1,600.00





    Place of Birth: California, USA
    Height and Weight: 4'6" (135cm) / 60lbs (27kg)
    Measurements: DD (31"/78cm), Waist: 23"  (58cm), Hip: 33.5" (85cm)
    Inserts: Oral: 4.7" deep (12cm), Vaginal: 6.9" (17.5cm), Anal: 6.1" (15.5cm)

    Profile: June looks like your typical sun kissed "California Girl" with her long flowing blond locks, and the tight toned body that comes with ours of surfing and roller blading.  She is the ultimate Blonde Fuck Doll !!.   Right now she works as a waitress, while saving up for nursing school.  I am pretty sure all the patients, doctors and male nurses can't wait to have June working working next to them. When she isn't working she looks work that Small Fuck Doll body of hers in the gym. She likes to leave her hair out, instead of keeping it in a bun, even though it might get caught in the gym equipment. she knows she is the only Real Blonde Sex Doll most guys would ever want

    Likes: Going to the Gym, Japanese and Mexican Food  Dislikes: Rude Guys and Assholes (except her own of course !!)

    What does she offer sexually? June is a Small Sex Doll, and is perfect for those looking for something midway between our Mini Sex Dolls and our Real Size Sex Dolls for those who want compactness and light weight of a mini sex doll, but the feel of something bigger.  A Small Sex Doll like June is the perfect companion, for people who don't want spend a lot of time lifting a 100 lbs sex doll. Despite being of small size, June is the can take pretty hefty pounding.  She is ideal for guys with exceptional sexual stamina, appetite, those guys that can keep on going for hours.  She is built to withstand a muscled up dude weighing 300 pounds going at her day and day out. You can play with her nice large DD breasts every day for hours.  She has soft and supple TPE skin, a nice delectable ass. Her fully articulated metal skeleton let's you take her in just about any position a real woman could, she is truly the only Realistic Fuck Doll anyone would need. 

    Clothing, jewelry, and accessories featured in the pictures are for photo shoot purposes only and not included. The color settings on monitors vary, so your view screen might actually differ slightly from actual color.                      

    FEATURES: Metallic Skeleton; Free Discreet Shipping; Skin, Eye and Nail Color Customization; Without or without public hair; Free Lingerie; Free Outfit

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    June features head #8,135cm D-cup body, Normal skin, Blonde Hair and other pre-selected options