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Jellynew 125cm Head 1 Economy
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Some of us might be looking for some premier adult dolls to satisfy our every need and desire.  Well, there is one that is a cut above the rest.  Regina is a beautiful and fun petite love doll that’s ready to have fun with you, and when you do spend time with Regina, you surely won’t want to give it up.

Regina has a young and youthful body, almost like a young adult woman.  Her blonde hair cascades down her body like a beautiful waterfall, and her brown eyes, along with her small red lips, will look perfect for when she’s sucking your cock.  Of course, Regina is not just a pretty face, she’s also got some cute curves, and despite being petite, she’s definitely a fun little woman to be with. Her breasts are nice and big, and since she is a TPE sex doll, when you touch her curves, it will feel like realistic curves. Her supple skin is both smooth and realistic, and her body feels so real, that you might wonder if you substituted it for the real thing.

Regina is small and tight, perfect for emulating a first time with the perfect woman. Her vagina can take at least six inches of a man, and she can probably take more if you’re lucky. She also has a deep anal cavity as well, perfect for those that want to have fun with her tight, plump backside. Simply put, Regina is here for a bit of fun, and she’s definitely the right type of woman for those looking to have a bit of fun.

Regina is ready for action, and you won’t want to miss out. Check her out today, and see exactly what you’ve been missing in your life from this tight and fun teen cutie.