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A40 HEAD 110CM
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Gigi is one of the fun and alluring mini silicone sex dolls that’s ready to have some fun. This petite cutie is perfect for many that don’t want a woman that’s too heavy, but also likes a woman that is a bit smaller. This doll will certainly satisfy your every needs, and she is definitely a wild babe that you’ll enjoy.

Wild and Fun

This cutie is definitely a fun and adventurous woman, allowing you to try new things with her.  she’s got a head of pretty strawberry-blonde hair, some deep brown eyes, and a set of plush reddish-pink lips that are perfect.  Her mouth is good for many things, including satisfying you, and you’ll notice that immediately you won’t regret whatever she does with you, for she knows just how to pleasure a man.

This woman also comes with an interesting feature as well one that some of the other dolls might not possess.

Vibrations for Many

Gigi comes with the ability to have a vibrator installed within her. simply put, this sensation will tingle you in all the right places, allowing you to have an even stronger and more amazing orgasm upon penetration of her ribbed and realistic pussy. This woman can take it, and despite being a smaller sort of doll, she certainly can take a lot of what you have, even as much as six inches in many cases.  This doll definitely will satisfy your every need, and with her large breasts, you’ll definitely have a cute and curvaceous peptide woman at your disposal. Gigi is a great doll also for those starting out, and with her extra features, she certainly will be a doll you won’t want to miss out on.

If you’re looking for the perfect petite blonde cutie, then look no further, for Gigi is perfect for you.