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Most of our customers can tell by looking at our sex dolls that they look realistic and life-like. Some even say that from across the room, it looks like a real person. Potential customers wonder how realistic the doll feels in terms of the skin, and more importantly when you have sex with it.  The overwhelming response from customers who have bought dolls from redroomdolls.com say it's quite realistic, and many were in fact surprised how realistic the sex dolls feel. Here are some of the emails our customers have sent to us regarding the dolls.


John (Texas, USA) - The skin of my doll feels very realistic, it feels like the skin of my girlfriend when I was 19.  Soft and velvety. It makes me feel young again.    Five Stars

Mark (Bolton, UK) - My REBECCA that I got 2 months ago from redroomdolls looks and feels very realistic and lifelike.  The TPE that my sex doll Rebecca is made of feels more feels more realistic than the Silicone Dolls that I had bought before.  Her skin is soft and she is squeezable in all the right places. She is definitely the most realistic and lifelike doll I bought so far.    Five Stars


Pierre (Toronto, Canada) - Very pleasurable experience. I totally forgot that I was having sex with a doll.    Five Stars

Keith (Seattle, USA) - I was skeptical at first when I got the doll.  And when I first had sex with TIFFANY  seemed OK, my "equipment" was working, her breasts swayed heavily as I made love to her, and she looked great.  I went to one of the doll forums Our Doll Community, and someone there suggested that I warm up Tiffany, before I had sex with her.  I warmed up her vagina with a USB stick and her body with an electric blanket.  Then I had sex with her... It was like having sex with a real woman. It was wonderful.    Five Stars

As you can see each of our customers have different experiences, some felt it was realistic from the start, for others, it took some time to settle into their dolls.



Most of our customers, married, single, men and women buy our sex dolls FOR SEX, any time of the day and as often as they want. Our sex dolls never tire, say no, gain weight or grow old. For married individuals it’s a great way to fulfill their sexual needs, without the potential negative consequences of an affair or paying for sex. Married men all around the world buy sex dolls to satisfy their sexual desires when they are away from their loved one for extended periods of time. Sex dolls are a great way to experiment with sexual positions people been fantasizing about, but don’t have the sexual experience or confidence to try it out on their real life partners. Also, couples buy sex dolls to spice up their sex lives and to fulfill certain fantasies without the complications of involving a third party.


Many people buy sex dolls for the companionship. It can be socially awkward individuals who seek comfort and companionship in lieu of dating. Or it can be widows or widowers who just want someone to be around in the house. Sometimes people just want to be in presence of others, without the stress of visitors. Sometimes, even couple buy dolls for companionship.


Some people buy sex dolls, for art and for work. Photographers, painters, clothing designers, makeup artist are a growing segment of customers for sex dolls. For photographers and painters, our realistic dolls are a good alternative to real live models. They don’t move and assume pretty much any position that a human being can assume. For clothing designers, sex dolls are superior to the traditional mannequin, because they can assume far more positions than a mannequin can. How does the clothing look like when a person is sitting down, lying down or on all fours? This is particularly important. For makeup artist, sex dolls are a great medium to test your skills, try out new concepts and good mockup to show potential clients. The TPE skin of our sex dolls mimic many of the aesthetic qualities of real skin.


Some people buy sex dolls primarily for the purpose of collecting them. Some collectors have up 20-30 dolls of various sizes and body shapes. They often dress them up as their favorite anime or movie characters, and place them in various locations in their house.

Finally, many of our customers don’t buy sex dolls for one reason. You have people who use the dolls for their sexual needs, and at the same time collect them. There are photographers who might use them for models, and on rare occasions use the dolls for sexual relief. The staff and the community at redroomdolls.com are rich source of advice for sex dolls for any of the above reason you choose to buy them for.